Welcome to Ryan Business and Technology Solutions, LLC (Ryan BTS). As a boutique service provider whose members have over 15 years of experience with Geneva, Ryan BTS administers the highest level of service to our investment management clients. Our expertise in system implementation, particularly with Advent’s Geneva Software, allows us to cater to each individual client’s unique needs and requirements. Experience in the intricacies of Geneva and other software interfacing with accounting systems within hedge funds, prime brokers, fund administrators, or family offices, coupled with our knowledge of the intricacies of both standard securities and complex security types such as Bank Debt, complex Fixed Income Securities, and Swaps, allows us to provide clients with top notch comprehensive service. It is our passion to deliver the highest quality assistance to our clients, and as a result of this standard, our long time clients trust us to deliver quality project management, all the while setting reasonable expectations and timelines. This highly detailed project management allows us to ensure that our implementations and services are of the utmost quality.